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"We Believe in the Power of Music to Connect Us"

Like one’s breath, music comes from within. It is one of humanity’s most effective common denominators, regardless of gender, race, age, religion, location, or background. We can all feel the physical vibrations and frequencies that music manifests. It belongs to every single one of us and we, in turn, belong to music. 


For us, deep collaboration, meaningful communication, and an inclusive, diverse environment are non-negotiables. These components allow us to create a special music-making experience for ourselves and others. They are the foundation of our pursuit and delivery of excellence. The connection between us, the music we create, and our audience feels even more intimate and resonant because we offer music that is deeply rooted in our personal and geographical landscapes. We believe we can all learn about each other and from each other through music.

– Garrett Keast, Founder & Executive Director / Chief Conductor

Orchestra members
Orchestra members
Orchestra members in the Elbphilharmonie


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We're Bringing
A Fresh Perspective

BAAM presents a fusion of iconic + modern works focused on featuring American and American immigrant composers.

That Reflects Humanity:
Diverse, Full of Life and Real

Transatlantic CD Cover

You Are Welcome Here

An orchestra is a place where every voice counts towards the whole. One instrument alone can never create what is produced by an orchestra, and there’s a place in the score for each and every musician. The orchestra becomes a community – a home. But for BAAM, that invitation doesn’t stop at the end of the stage. We want this to be a home for you as well. We are here to start conversations, ones that we hope you will help us to continue long after the concert is over.

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